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Сообщения за март, 2015
Genesis 4 “…Sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you? But YOU RULE OVER IT.” Yes, Cain and we are all after Adam’s fall slaves of sin. But we should not excuse our sinful behavior and we are responsible to choose good and reject evil. The Law of God hold us responsible to rule over sin. Cain could choose overwise. He could not go on the red light. All bad that happen to our planet it’s a human fault not God. We are all going on the red light. Why? There is connection with Adam, yes, but do not blame it on him it’s our free choice NOT TO RULE OVER IT. Now grace came but we are still responsible to freely choose to live by it or freely reject it. Sin desires us but grace desires us even more . What do we choose?
Genesis 3. ...the man said, "The woman whom YOU GAVE to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I ate." Why God put that tree there? Why things got so bad on our planet? Why first man fell so easy and fast? Could God created Adam a little bit stronger spiritually? For many people and even Christians this topic is hard to understand. No matter how hard you try to explain to them about necessity and perfection of creation of free will, people stumble in their thinking whose really fault it was. And we see Adam blaming God and not taking fully responsibility for his disobedience. But difficulty of understanding how perfect man could become disobedient lays with our denial of our responsibility. We want freedom but not responsibility. People still blame God today. We tasted evil and fully using it, even more than good.
Genesis 2. We learn here about perfection of the creation and perfection of the Creator. And perfection requires, if you think about it, that God will give freedom of the will. Love is the main thing in whole created universe but love is nothing if you can not freely choose. Relationships with God doesn't make sense if there is no free will. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was that representation of free will. The placement in the garden of that tree was perfect too. God did not want Adam to eat from it. And Adam was suppose to CHOOSE FREELY not to eat from it and eternally live in God's perfect world by that free choice. Don't blame God. Our freedom is part of God's perfect creation. One theologian said: "divine omnipotence can not go into the break with the divine generosity."